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TFS Staff

TFS Has grown steadlily over the last 20+ years. One of its key strengths and reason for this growth has been to recruit people that have wide experience and technical know-how of the industry.

Members of the TFS (Derby) staff

Name: Ted Pither
Job Title: Chairman

Ted founded TFS Derby Limited in 1982.

David Pearson

Name: David Pearson
Job Title: Managing Director

David joined TFS Derby Limited in 1991, bring with him a wealth of knowledge and experience about the industry. In 1998 David was made Managing director of the company.

Rob Heap

Name: Rob Heap
Job Title: Sales Director

Rob joined TFS Derby Limited in 2002.

Tony Crawforth

Name: Tony Crawforth
Job Title: Sales Manager

Bernard Boycott

Name: Bernard Boycott
Job Title: Sales Representative

Steve Harrington

Name: Steve Hannington
Job Title: Sales Representative

Mark Collins

Name: Mark Collins
Job Title: Internal Sales

Darren Bullock

Name: Darren Bullock
Job Title: Internal Sales

Tony Kershaw

Name: Tony Kershaw
Job Title: Company Buyer

Jean Goldstraw

Name: Jean Goldstraw
Job Title: Accounts Manager

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