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Pipe Flashings provide exceptional sealing for any panel configuration around flues.

Through TFS's international engineering experience we are well aware of the various issues surrounding a long term solution for the application of pipe-flashings.

SEALLITT pipe flashings are engineered for all types of roofing surfaces, such as metal, plastic, tile, rubber membrane and more.

Choice of Material. Costar pipe-flashings are made of EPDM or Silicone. The pipe-flashing is designed to have maximum resistance against UV light and the most testing of weathering conditions.

Different Sizes. TFS Seallitt pipe-flashings come in a range of different sizes to cover the vast majority of installations.

Easy Installation. Seallitt flashings can be formed to suit virtually any profile and the purpose designed fixing kit includes detailed fitting instructions, along with fasteners, sealant and accessory items required for most sheeting and cladding applications.

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