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Mechanical Properties

Material Specification
Blue-Tap screws are manufactured from high quality grade case hardened carbon steel to Din Standard 7504.

Metallurgical Properties

Surface Hardness
Blue-Tap screws are manufactured with a minimum surface hardness of 560 HV 0.3.

Blue-Tap screws are case hardened in accordance with the following table:

Screw Thread Depth of Case Hardening
12g 5.5 0.1 to 0.23
14g 6.3 0.15 to 0.28

Mechanical Performance

Blue-Tap anchors are manufactured with a unique thread design to give exceptional holding power in most masonry materials.

Blue-Tap thread form cuts its own mating thread in the masonry material.

Blue-Tap eliminates the need or a plastic plug therefore offering excellent fire resistant qualities.


Blue-Tap must be installed in conjunction with the special Drill Bit provided with every 100 screws supplied.


Blue-Tap must be installed with an ideal minimum penetration of 25mm into most materials.

Shear Test
Sample Fixing Diameter Material Load KN
BTH3C70 5.5 12g 3145psi hard rock concrete 3.67
BTH4H45 6.3 14g 7.13
BTH3C70 5.5 12g light weight hollow block 3.25
BTH4H45 6.3 14g 6.46
Pull Out Test
Depth Gauge Load Concrete Hollow Block
25mm 12g KN 1.52 1.02
14g 3.19 1.8
32mm 12g 2.58 1.59
14g 5.49 2.73
38mm 12g 3.82 2.08
14g 6.83 3.78
45mm 12g 4.71 2.61
14g 8.71 4.37
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