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New from TFS:
Roofing and Sheeting
- 2009-06-23
Roof panels • Wall panels • Roof lights. Get the best prices from us.
TFS SIlver Jubilee year - 2007-01-01
TFS is 25 years old and to celebrate we're running a competition.
Product Warranty Advertised - 2006-02-02
TFS 1st to advertise and offer unique Insurance Backed Product Warranty Scheme.
New Owner for TFS - 2005-12-12
David Pearson has bought TFS from the company's original owner Ted Pither.
Kingspan Classification - 2004-06-02
TFS has been selected by Kingspan for classfication of acceptance of its fixings.
New Website Published - 2004-05-10
TFS Derby (ltd) has published it's new website.

Welcome to TFS Derby

At TFS Derby we pride ourselves on giving complete customer satisfaction by continuing to offer a quality product at competitive prices with a friendly service of an ever expanding range of Bi-Metal Stainless and Carbon Steel Drill Screws, Sealants and Roofing and Cladding related products to meet with demand.

This website will provide you with up-to-date information on a whole range of products and will be updated at regular intervals.

David Pearson
- Managing Director

TFS Building
New from TFS: Roofing and Sheeting

Composite panel supplier not meeting your needs?

Roof panels • Wall panels • Roof lights
Get the best price from us...

Top-Cap Fascia Pins and Nails

  • Marine grade 316L stainless steel
  • Annular ringed nails and pins
  • IMPROVED design giving thicker metal head
  • MODIFIED POINT to assist starting
  • Impact modified NYLON head moulding with large impact area
  • UV stabilised materials
  • 10 year guarantee

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Top Cap


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