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- 2009-06-23
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TFS SIlver Jubilee year - 2007-01-01
TFS is 25 years old and to celebrate we're running a competition.
Product Warranty Advertised - 2006-02-02
TFS 1st to advertise and offer unique Insurance Backed Product Warranty Scheme
New Owner for TFS - 2005-12-12
David Pearson has bought TFS from the company's original owner Ted Pither.
Kingspan Classification - 2004-06-02
TFS has been selected by Kingspan for classfication of acceptance of its fixings.
New Website Published - 2004-05-10
TFS Derby (ltd) has published it's new website.

Kingspan Classification

Excerpt from the Roofing Cladding & Insulation magazine

Kingspan Ltd has opened up the doors of its popular Insulated Panels Guarantee to TFS(Derby) Ltd. Following a recent agreement between the two companies, the range of fasteners supplied by TFS(Derby) to the roofing and cladding industry are now classified as acceptable by Kingspan Ltd for use with its range of roofing and cladding products.

In a joint statement, the companies said: "Kingspan now classify the range of fasteners as supplied by TFS(Derby) Ltd (branded Drillit and KingDrillit) as suitable for use in applications where Kingspan operate their Insulated Panels Guarantee scheme, as well as continuing with previous acceptability of their fastener range for all projects outside the scope of the guarantee scheme."

Previously, Kingspan Ltd only approved the fasteners from five companies, for use with the Insulated Panels Guarantee. Kingspan Ltd's literature and other promotional material will be amended shortly to reflect this change.

TFS(Derby) also said that if further guarantees are required for its range of fasteners, it will continue to provide its own warranty scheme, which is insurance- backed and offers £2 million product insurance cover per project.

Ted Pither, TFS(Derby) chairman, told RCI that the company welcomed the challenge that the change to the Kingspan classification of its fasteners will bring to the marketplace.

He also said that TFS(Derby) is in a strong position to meet the strict requirements and high standards set by Kingspan Ltd.

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